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Deep Democray Institute is calling! 

Vom 22.02. bis zum 25.02.2012 werde ich in Amsterdam sein und wieder fleissig lernen. Das Programm klingt super, aber lest selbst. 


Create Leadership - Lead Creativity
The Mystery of Creativity and the Power of Dreaming

We invite you to join us in learning skills and attitudes to create space for the mystery of creativity in your life and leadership.
"Walk About" is an Australian aboriginal practice to leave everyday tasks and worries and go beyond everyday reality to rediscover the inner path and dreaming process, and to reignite the fire of your vision and creative dance. Process Work, developed by Arnold Mindell, introduces many methods to drop out of the limited perspectives of our everyday mindsets and tune in to the dreaming creativity of our own hidden processes, the earth's wisdom, and the collective spirit of our teams and organizations. "Unfolding" is a process work term for noticing the seeds of creative processes and helping them to grow and blossom. "Process Mind" is a process work term for the system mind or organizational principle and its hidden structure behind measurable events, which brings wholeness and wholesomeness to what we do.
Day 1: Walk About - The Edge to Drop Out: Shamanic and Process-oriented allies in shifting realities. Heaven and Earth and your process.
Day 2: The Dryness of Awareness and Romance of Unfolding: Playing with awareness and noticing signals in yourself and others - how to love them so they show their secrets to you. Which creative spark will make a fire?
Day 3: Creating, Beginner's Mind and the Spirit of Impermanence: Integration of our learnings into a sustainable lifestyle. The creative non-habits of dreaming lifestyles and how to grow corn out of them.